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This Bee themed gift box with an eco-friendly vibe is perfect for every person! Included in this gift:

  • 5 all natural, reusable, washable, environmentally friendly beeswax wraps*; 1 small wrap (10"x10"), 2 medium wraps (12"x12"), and 2 large wraps (13.75"x13.75").
  • 2 mini 100% organic hand-poured beehive shaped candles
  • 1 mini guest bee themed soap
  • 1 almond oil, lemon scented, beeswax healing hand salve
  • 3 protective bags (for the candles and the soap)
  • 1 natural burlap bag to contain the delicate items
  • 1 large natural burlap gift bag that contains all the items
  • 1 instruction card for care and keeping of beeswax wraps


Beeswax wraps are a washable, reusable, self adhesive alternative to single use plastic wrap. They keep food fresher longer due to the magic of the antibacterial nature inherent in beeswax! Beeswax wraps are food safe, can be folded into any shape to cover odd shaped foods and sandwiches, and will naturally adhere to bowls and will work as bowl covers.  Our 100% natural beeswax wraps are handmade in small batches in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

Boho Bee Gift Set

  • How to Use:  Use the warmth of your hands to wrap the product around food, bowls and pans. Boho Bee wax wrap will adhere to non-porous surfaces as well as to itself. Boho Bee wax wraps can be used in the refrigerator and freezer. 

    How to Clean:  Wash your beeswax wrap in warm or cool water with mild dish soap, a sponge, even gently 'scrub' with a vegetable brush, then air dry. Reuse your Boho Bee wax wraps for up to two years with proper care.

    Boho Bee wax wraps are plastic free and silicone free, because good food deserves good care.

  • We are proud of the materials we source and the craftsmanship that goes into every product we make. We are confident you will find our products to be uniquely versatile and enjoyable to use in your home. If however, at any point, you are unsatisfied with your beeswax products, simply reach out to our customer support team and we will make it right.

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