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Beeswax Wrap School Fundraiser

Boho Bee Company School Fundraising

Boho Bee Company is dedicated to helping schools raise money by providing an opportunity to actively engage students and the wider community in environmental issues. Boho Bee Company offers a simple and effective fundraising program. We make reusable, washable, beeswax food wraps and beeswax lunch kits.

What are Beeswax wraps?

Our beeswax wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap and single use zipper bags. Unlike plastic food storage alternatives, beeswax wraps are natural, compostable, made with only four simple ingredients, and are produced in Frederick, Maryland by members of our community.


Boho Beeswax Product Facts

Washable and reusable for up to two years!

Can cover bowls and platters to keep food fresh

Replace plastic wrap and zipper style sandwich baggies

Can be folded into awesome pouches or pockets to hold snacks

Can wrap cut fruit or vegetables so they stay fresher longer

Have antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities

Are 100% natural and compostable

Fundraising Facts

 We’ve made the process of fundraising simple. Here is how it works financially:

  • Each (3 piece) Little Lunch Pack costs $25.00

  • The school receives $5 for each pack sold

  • A designated school page will be created with approved designs

  • A designated web-link will be provided to ensure secure purchasing

Boho Bee Eco-Fundraiser Lunch Kits for $25.00 includes:
School Wrap Sizes.png

Get in Touch to Find Out More Information About School Fundraising

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