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This awesome bag comes in three useful sizes  -

  • Large (approx 13.75"x 13.5"), Medium (approx 12" x 11.75), and Small (approx 10" x 9.75").  A large bag holds about a dozen standard bagels, an artisinal loaf of bread- fresh from the farmer's market (yum!) 
  • The medium bag holds lots of bread rolls, buns, and patisserie
  • The small bag is perfect for 3-4 large Bavarian style pretzels, a couple of sandwiches, or stuffed sandwich rolls, 1/4 baguette or a couple of pastries to go along with your morning coffee!  

Baker's Bag

  • How to Use:  Place your breads, bagels, patisserie, rolls tortes into our Boho Bee wax bags.  They help keep your food fresher longer, and seal just beatifully well - simply roll down the top and 'press", and the bag will  will adhere to itself and 'lock' your food inside. Boho Bee wax bags can be used in the refrigerator and freezer as well as on the countertop.

    How to Clean:  Wash your beeswax bag in warm or cool water with mild dish soap, a sponge, even gently 'scrub' with a vegetable brush, then air dry.  If some debris is in the bag, simply warm up the bag in warm water, turn it inside out and then was as you would a flat wrap. Once clean, turn the bag inside out and dry. Reuse your Boho Bee wax bags for up to two years with proper care.

    Boho Bee wax bags are plastic free and silicone free, because good food deserves to be stored properly.

  • We are proud of the materials we source and the craftsmanship that goes into every product we make. We are confident you will find our products to be uniquely versatile and enjoyable to use in your home. If however, at any point, you are unsatisfied with your beeswax products, simply reach out to our customer support team and we will make it right.

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